“Tvori-Gora” Creative Association announces VII Open International Festival of Child Animation “Mult-Goroy”, which will take place from March,1 to June, 15, 2019.

Form of participation – distance, free.
Acceptance of applications for participation – March, 1 to April, 15, 2019.

Festival comprises two parts:

1) The contest of child animation (cutout animation and computer animation) for children below 18 years of age.

– young animators with their own animation film
– children creative collectives with their own animation film made in coworking
– children family studios

Nominations/age groups:
– up to 6 years and inclusive
– 7 to 10 inclusive
– 11 to 13 inclusive
– 14 to 18 inclusive

2) The contest of educational discoveries in the field of animation teaching.

– educators and parents, making animation films together with children
– educational experience
– technological discoveries

Festival in details here:
Website: www.mult-goroy.tvorigora.ru
Address: ТО «Твори-Гора» 660049 г. Красноярск, пр. Мира, 46а
Phone: +7 (908) 207-1222
E-mail: mult-goroi@mail.ru
VK community: vk.com/mult_goroy

Anna Ermakova, festival provider
Yuliana Pozolotina, chief of “Tvori-Gora” Creative Association